in Esperanto Arbaro means forest
Our history
That story begins at 2019 when our planet meets new challenge – Amazonian rainforest wildfires. Quite similar situation we had at Siberian forests. First reaction was like "Let's f... go f… fight that f… fire" but logical part and family chores…

At the other hand we've had musical background as psytrance musicians so idea to make music with goal to sell it and plant trees for that money was pretty obvious.

When the Arbaro Space record label was born.

Our goal - to restore! We are normal people living at real world. We do not declare war against (put whatever you want). We are making music and planting trees.

Music, Money, Trees
and "Why NFT?"

August 2019. First release from Arbaro Space. Album made by Russian psytrance producer Paper Squad "Tolstoy contra Civilisations"

Money earned - $16

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December 2020. Paper Squad's album "Mystical generation woke up"

Money earned - $23

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July 2021 – EP by comparatively young and undoubtedly talented Russian producer Seenoose "Going in search of forest radio waves"

Money earned - $7,5

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Plant-for-the-Planet https://www1.plant-for-the-planet.org/ have been chosen as instrument for tree planting.

2 years. All received money from music sales have been sent to Plant-for-the-Planet.

Trees planted – 339.

339 drops to the ocean.

You can say every drop counts but as we already declare – we are normal people and we understand it's still not enough.

When great idea strikes us!


Meet First NFT PsyTrance Track From Russia

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