NFT Forest
Potentially the greatest symbiosis of the digital and real worlds.

Today mankind is facing the most important ecological problem of deforestation of our planet. Fires and logging. Arbaro Space becomes part of the solution to this problem. We are planting trees and developing projects to protect and study forests, with money from music and art sales through the NFT.

And so we present our project and first collection.

First 12 NFT Trees for the Arbaro Space virtual world

Each tree in our virtual world will have 3 stages of evolution (3 NFT manifestations):

1 (idea) visualization is an idea, a vision and a hand-drawn sketch of a tree from a specific person, collective or community.

2 (creation) creation is a come to life 3d model of a tree, rendering created by a digital art artist.

3 (planting) planting is the placement of a tree in the virtual forest, the virtual world of Arbaro Space

We believe that this project will help us together to plant a record number of trees all over the planet and help support the most interesting environmental projects, we have an exciting task to create an incredible magical virtual forest, breathing the music already brought a positive ecological footprint, where each tree will express the immense imagination of its authors and have valuable information about who participated in its creation and how many real trees were planted by this art creation. By gradually creating a huge and perhaps the most interesting virtual space we will plant real forests!

Thats why Arbaro Space has the potential to become the greatest symbiosis of the digital and real worlds.

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