Olga Kosterina's Tree
FIRST 12 TREES (collection)
It was an exciting process to create the visualization of the first tree in our NFT Forest. Take a look at how it went!
About Olga Kosterina
Performer, actress, choreographer.
Through more than 15 years of professional stage experience worked as an artist in classical ballet and contemporary dance companies, different show projects and dramatic theatre groups. Now, gathering all the skills developed, making own solo productions in genre of physical theatre and dance, based on the principles of human philosophy and individual psychology. The shows were successfully performed in Russia, USA, Europe, UK, UAE, China.
Each performance is a nonverbal theatre act, storytelling through movement — the language understandable for people in every country, belonging to any culture, confession, education. The alphabet of images and metaphors, which pass impressions straight from heart to heart, overcoming the blocks of mind.

The plot is concrete but versatile and embraces various levels of the viewer's perception. Every episode is orbicular and finished, has it's own meaning, but together they merge into the integral essence of the story in general. Like every single grain in sand.
Waiver of large scenery, special effects and other paraphernalia, the person and their inner evolution are in the center of action and attention, as a symbol of each individual and humanity as a whole.

Philosophy is an intellectual cognitive practice, but I truly believe that the four constituents of us: mind, feelings, physics and subconscious — are inseparably connected. And conversion of the philosophic material through the symbolical body language in the physical act which strongly effects on the emotions of onlooker and so awakes and touches his unconscious content — it's a cohesive deed, a step to self-entirety, for a performer as well as for a spectator.

In my work I explore and comprehend the human nature — the most interesting, the closest but the most cryptic thing, discovering which leads to a deeper immersion into the mystery of life and to a wider vision of the world. I open these doors for myself and invite the audience to pass this way with me, as witnesses.

I don't hide the character behind masks and decorations, I don't hide the figure in a bright costume, I don't hide my soul…
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