Our reports
08 July 2021
20 new trees in Nepal!
03 marth 2021
3 new trees in Peru!
30 august - 30 september
In the first month we planted 10 trees!

And so the story of the project began! While it is very small, but any great way begins with the first step! So here is our first report.
On August 30, 2019, we made the first release. They became Tolstoy contra Civilizations by Paper Squad. It came electronic psychedelic trance music. We sent it to our friends and for the first sales we received 14.05 USD. We registered at https://www.trilliontreecampaign.org/ where this time we chose Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. The site suggested choosing the amount options and 10 trees came up to us that equals 11.14 USD
Which we donated with inspiration to the landing. What we have left 2.91 and we continue our project! In the near future we will present the music of artists who have responded to our project and will gladly present it to you!
Together we planted 10 trees!
history screenshots
Waiting for new releases!
We are very inspired! But the process of creating music is not so fast, and PR requires money. Well we are not talking about PR and for us more important than a good musical material and planted trees, not the promotion of the label. Our friends musicians who supported our idea are preparing music releases which we will inform you immediately!
history screenshots